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  • 拯救动物六级英语作文

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    there is an undeniable fact that the number of animals is declining faster than ever before. according to a recent survey made by some experts, about 37 species disappear from our earth every year. it is obvious that the problem has become a serious one worth our concern.

    when we explore this problem, some underlying factors emerge. in the very first place, human beings have played a big part. with the fast development of human society, the environment is much destroyed, and animals lose their home. accordingly, some species become extinct. what’s more, people hunt animals for food and skin. a good case in point is that the japanese have killed a lot of whales because they like to eat the meat. in addition, human beings are largely responsible for the pollution of natural environment, and poison animals in many ways.

    the current problem, i believe, should be solved immediately. first of all, our government should play a key role in making relevant rules and protecting animals. the general public should also be educated to value the existence of these animals on our planet.

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